It is possibile, to be supported by a team of Donati project planners, the Unica which doesn't exist yet.
If you wish to call upon designers or if you prefer to work along side your own research and development team or your own external designer, Unica will always offer extreme flexibility and accommodate the different needs in terms of typology, performance, function, image and expressive characteristics, therefore creating your idea of a contemporary chair and giving life to the ideal version for you. Contact our Research and Development Department to discover more about this possibility.

Create your Unica chair!
Choosing from the wide range of shapes, textures and incuts and bases proposed solely by Donati gives life to the ideal version of Unica for you. Using the arrow to scroll the combination of these 3 factors the results will be displayed in the window on the right. Begin to imagine the version which would be possibile to design yourself and contact our Research and Develop team to support you in this creation.

Save the combination